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Genes, Epigenetics, GI-microbiota, Environment, Nutrition and Lifestyle decide on a long and healthy life

Disease prevention by analysis of personal dispositions and risks using appropriate tools and adequate care are the elements of an holistic Integrated Health Care

This site provides a science based overview of theinteractions between inherited risks, epigenetics, GI-microbiota, environment, nutrition and lifestyle. With given examples such as cancer, obesity, gut inflammation, depression and aging, strategies and tools are presented for an individual, personal Integrated Health Care.

A recent Newsweek article by RA Weinberg and AL Komaroff explains the interaction between genes and lifestyle

We are a group of scientists interested in the interaction between human health and the environment. We work in different countries and scientific areas. We follow scientifc ways of citation, however if we infringe any copy rights please contact us for improvement. The flash video showig DNA wrapping is based on the fascinating work of Drew Berry.